Country Wide Talent Hunt

BCCI Is Set To Launch Country Wide Talent Hunt

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Introduction :

BCCI will launch Country Wide Talent Hunt very early across India. The motive of this country wide talent hunt is to search bowlers for India with good pace and line length. This is confirmed by the BCCI secretory Jay Shah today in a conference .

What need of this Country Wide Talent Hunt : The main reason for this country wide talent hunt is to search new talent without any investment by player. BCCI will open camp in almost every district of India to search this talent via country wide talent hunt. There are many good bowlers with good pace and good line length did took participate or did not recognise his talent himself. By responsibilities of parents or their family problem they did not unable to do good with his talent .

Age Limit For This country Wide Talent Hunt : BCCI did not mention any age criteria for this country wide talent hunt till. But it is clear that the boys and girls from the age of 14 can participate in this country wide talent hunt. BCCI did this country wide talent hunt for both boys and girls of the age 14 and above.

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Criteria And How to Apply For This Country Wide Talent Hunt :

  1. You have to at least age of 14 and above
  2. You have to apply within in a date which will be annouced by the BCCI as per next information.
  3. Boys and Girls with good good line length and pace can directly contact to district coach which will be assign by BCCI later
  4. You have register with Aadhar Card and this will be mandatory .
  5. BCCI will not finally announce the date of this country wide talent hunt . This will be announced very earlier.
  6. Boys and girls from the mentioned age will be trained daily except national holiday and sunday .
  7. You have to register with Indian Documents ; This India wide talent hunt is only for Indians . Nobody can apply to this wide talent hunt from outside India.
Why Only Indians Participate On This Country Wide Talent Hunt : In India cricket is like emotions , passion and a religion for Indians. Our country sometimes lacks pace bowlers with good line length . In India diversity is in big scale ; different type of culture , food , atmosphere which helps to search these youth talent . In India Cricket is vast and become bigger and bigger in Cricket world. BCCI starts many domestic leagues like IPL , TNPL , MPL etc. And may more domestic tournaments. And competition for cricket is in next level . But this talent search is only for Bowlers. This is the first time when BCCI did this type of of talent hunt for only bowlers. A big example why BCCI did this is Mohit Sharma did this year in IPL . Mohit Sharma already played for India but this talent hunt search the same as many bowlers who quit there passion by lack of opportunties. BCCI will announce many more domestic leagues in upcoming days for different different states to find talent and players for vision of Indian Cricket.
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In conclusion of news blog post is that BCCI is almost ready to announce this talent hunt in upcoming days properly. Main reason this talent hunt is also the names of many big cricketers of India have been given in the Indian Premier League that emerged in 2008. It includes many names like Natrajan, Umran , Yuzvendra Chahal these are coming in Indian Cricket Team with the help of IPL . So BCCI start thus talent hunt for youngsters and also for any age of group he has . Hope you like this blog post . We tried to give you any possible news about this talent hunt. Which helps the youth of our country in future . When BCCI completely launch this talent hunt when we tried to give a suitable content or proper content upon this talent hunt.

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