Assets Owned By Michael Phelps

10 Expensive Assets Owned By Michael Phelps

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Michael Phelps is one of the most successful and an American former competitive swimmer with a record-breaking 28 Olympic medals, including 23 golds. His success in the pool has brought him not only fame and recognition, but also a significant amount of wealth. In this blog we will discuss about “10 Expensive Assets Owned By Michael Phelps’‘. Over the years, Phelps has invested in numerous expensive assets that reflect his luxurious lifestyle and his love for sports, travel, and adventure. In this essay, we will elaborate on 10 most expensive assets owned by Michael Phelps, and what they say about his life and career.
  1. Custom-built mansion

Michael Phelps owns a luxurious mansion in Paradise Valley, Arizona, which he purchased in 2015 for $2.5 million. The 6,000 square-foot property boasts five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a swimming pool, and stunning views of Camelback Mountain. The estate was designed to accommodate Phelps’ love for swimming, with a 1,400 square-foot indoor pool that features a swim-up bar, a spa, and a custom-made mural of Phelps in action.

The mansion also includes other amenities such as a home theater, a wine cellar, a game room, and a gym. The property is a reflection of Phelps’ success in his swimming career, and his desire to live a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle with his family.

  1. Private jet

Phelps is reported to own a Gulfstream G450 private jet, which he uses for travel to his various engagements and competitions. The cost of a Gulfstream G450 ranges from $40 million to $45 million. The private jet is a reflection of Phelps’ busy travel schedule and his desire for privacy and comfort while traveling . This is also one of the big Assets Owned By Michael Phelps.

  1. Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

Phelps owns a rare Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG supercar, which he purchased for around $200,000. The SLS AMG is known for its sleek design and powerful engine, capable of reaching speeds of up to 197 mph. The car is a reflection of Phelps’ love for sports cars and his desire for speed and excitement.

  1. BMW 7 Series

Phelps also owns a BMW 7 Series luxury sedan, which is valued at around $100,000. The car is known for its luxurious features, including heated seats, a panoramic sunroof, and advanced safety technologies. The BMW 7 Series is a reflection of Phelps’ taste for luxury and his desire for comfort and style while on the road.

  1. Patek Philippe watch

Phelps is known for his love of luxury watches and reportedly owns a Patek Philippe Nautilus watch, which can cost upwards of $100,000. The Nautilus is a classic and timeless watch that features a sleek design and advanced mechanical functions. The watch is a reflection of Phelps’ appreciation for art and craftsmanship, and his desire for elegance and sophistication. Assets Owned By Michael Phelps is not so much expensive as he is a superstar athlete of the history.

  1. Speedboat

Phelps owns a 32-foot-long Fountain powerboat, which he uses for recreational purposes. The cost of a new Fountain powerboat can range from $100,000 to $500,000, depending on the model and features. The boat is a reflection of Phelps’ love for water sports and his desire for adventure and excitement.

  1. Endless Pools swim spa

Phelps has been a long-time user and advocate of Endless Pools swim spas, which are designed for swimming and aquatic exercise. The cost of an Endless Pools swim spa can range from $9,400 to $30,000, depending on the size and features. The swim spa is a reflection of Phelps’ passion for swimming and his dedication to maintaining his physical fitness and health. For a swimmer this is the first thing which he needs in daily basis. From all Assets Owned By Michael Phelps is instance of his compartability.

  1. Under Armour sponsorship

Phelps has a lucrative sponsorship deal with Under Armour, which is estimated to be worth around $10 million per year. Under Armour is a leading sports apparel and footwear brand that sponsors many top athletes and teams around the world. The sponsorship deal is a reflection of Phelps’ status as a world-renowned athlete and his endorsement power in the sports industry.

  1. Omega sponsorship

Phelps is also a brand ambassador for Omega watches, which he has been associated with since the 2004 Olympics. Omega is a luxury watch brand that sponsors many top athletes and events around the world. The value of his Omega sponsorship deal is not publicly known, but it is believed to be a significant source of income for Phelps.

  1. Investments

Phelps is known to have made smart investments in various companies, including the sports drink maker, BodyArmor, and the online therapy platform, Talkspace. These investments are a reflection of Phelps’ business savvy and his desire to diversify his income sources beyond his swimming career.

  1. Trophy collection: Phelps has won a total of 28 Olympic medals, 23 of which are gold, making him the most decorated Olympian of all time. These medals are not only valuable for their historical significance, but also for their intrinsic value in gold and silver. In addition to his Olympic medals, Phelps has also won numerous other trophies and awards throughout his career. All the assets Owned By Michael Phelps is nothing more inspirational than this beacuse Phelps ruled on trophies.

Here are some additional details about Michael Phelps’ expensive assets:

  • Real Estate Investments: In addition to his Arizona mansion, Phelps has also invested in other real estate properties, including a townhouse in Baltimore and a condo in Miami.
  • Art Collection: Phelps has an impressive art collection, which includes works by prominent artists such as Damien Hirst and Jeff Koons. The value of his art collection is not publicly known. This also the favourite assets Owned By Michael Phelps.
  • Charitable foundation: Phelps is the founder of the Michael Phelps Foundation, which is dedicated to promoting healthy and active lifestyles for children. The foundation has raised millions of dollars in donations and sponsorships. Phelps founded many other foundation like this and he also earn fame from this . All the assets Owned By Michael Phelps is less than this humanity work.
  • Endorsement deals: In addition to his sponsorships with Under Armour and Omega, Phelps has also had endorsement deals with other brands such as Visa, Subway, and Louis Vuitton.
  • Philanthropic investments: Phelps has also made philanthropic investments in various companies, such as Beyond Meat, a plant-based food company, and Medibio, a mental health technology company. Other than assets Owned By Michael Phelps is differ from this investment.


Michael Phelps’ expensive assets are a reflection of his success, wealth, and diverse interests and passions. From his luxurious mansion and private jet to his high-end cars and watches, Phelps’ assets represent his love for comfort, style, and adventure. His sponsorships and investments also reflect his business acumen and his desire to make a positive impact on the world beyond his swimming achievements. Overall, Phelps’ life andcareer serve as an inspiration to many, not only as an accomplished athlete, but also as a philanthropist and advocate for mental health and other causes. In this blog we discussed about ” Assets Owned By Michael Phelps ; We try our our best produce a deep analysis about Assets Owned By Michael Phelps . Hope you like this and appreciate our efforts in comments box.

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